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My Latest Toys!

2002 YZ250F - 03 cam mod, powernow, etc...  Sweet!

00356239715.jpg (24048 bytes)

The 97 RM250 - Another good riding bike

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Pics of the 97 KDX 200 before....  Below on far right is a pic of the KDX after Ken got a hold of it.

  Nov04_01.JPG (205481 bytes)   Kdxrr.jpg (52758 bytes)Kdxfr.jpg (53570 bytes)

Here are some pics from Durhamtown on 9/13/03.  Ken Murray, John and Andrew Matusek, Rick and Ricky Caputo, Phil G, and Bob Guy were hitting the trails.  Click on the thumbnails to view full size pics.  

Gang.jpg (316756 bytes)J_A.jpg (329613 bytes)john at work.jpg (323698 bytes)john rick.jpg (401043 bytes)kdx.jpg (339254 bytes)

raiders.jpg (300684 bytes)rick.jpg (331432 bytes)   And last but not least...  buda.jpg (180148 bytes)


Jason and Scott are missing, but here are their bikes at Wissenhunt.  

Jason Scotts bikes.jpg (61007 bytes)

The Belts at Mexico Beach (taken before a ride in the Appalachicola Forest).  

Jul29_06.JPG (101053 bytes)


Andre, Tyler, and I at Discovery Blvd.

    Sep01_06.JPG (58080 bytes)  Sep01_02.JPG (66410 bytes)   Sep01_05.JPG (57626 bytes)


John knocking out a double on the KX250, some track maintenance.  

           Feb15_08.JPG (87640 bytes)    rm2.JPG (196410 bytes)


Andrew making a triple look easy.


Glenn and Brooke crossing a creek on the four wheeler.  They got a little wet.



"Thanks for stopping by!"   "Don't make me kick your ass!    Hehehe!"  

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